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Remember that when choosing the right photovoltaic panels, you should take into account a number of important factors that will ensure the correct operation of the micro-installation. The number of PV panels in the installation should be large enough, as well as their power, to generate enough energy. It is important to arrange them to the south, tilt to the sun or the level of shade, for example by trees or buildings. Suitable components, such as an inverter, should also be selected for solar panels.

Therefore, when deciding on a photovoltaic installation - discuss this issue with a specialist!

Sol Voltage supports nautical talent

Our company became the title sponsor of the Gdańsk AZS AWFiS club - one of the best teams of the Polish Sailing League. We are fighting for the title of the Polish Club Champion!

As Sol Voltage, we are happy to support any action related to sport and more.

This time we became the title sponsor of the AZS AWFiS Gdańsk sailing club, which has been achieving high results in national and international competitions for 10 years.. We support the team in the development and pursuit of the main goal of the 2021 season - qualification for the I Sailing League competition cycle. Taking a high place in the fleet regatta ranking will allow the team to advance to the sailing Ekstraklasa and fight for the title of the Polish Club Champion.


The crew of the Sol Voltage KS AZS AWFiS Gdańsk club consists of:


Damian Pietruszewski


Wielokrotny medalista i Mistrz Polski, wieloletni reprezentant kadry narodowej w klasie Laser, klubowy Mistrz Polski w rozgrywkach Polskiej Ligi Żeglarskiej 2017 r.


Mateusz Zieniewicz


Zawodnik klasy Laser, klubowy Mistrz oraz Wicemistrz Polskiej Ekstraklasy Żeglarskiej, II Wicemistrz Europy w klasie ORC, członek załogi Scamp 27, z zamiłowania kitesurfer


Szymon Ignaciuk


Regatta sailor since 2003. A graduate of the MBSW Giżycko club. Member of the national team, Polish Champion, Vice Champion and World-class DN.
For 5 years he has been fulfilling himself as an Optimist class coach.


Mateusz Wiśniewski


Zdobywca II miejsca w Mistrzostwach Polski, IV miejsca w Pucharze Polski oraz X miejsca na Mistrzostwach Świata w Match Racingu

In the 2021 Sol Voltage KS AZS AWFiS Gdańsk regatta, he will compete in four cycles of the Polish Championships. The competition will be held on:

May 29-30, 2021

July 17-18, 2021

August 7-8, 2021

September 25-26, 2021

The planned regatta venues are Sopot, Gdynia, Szczecin and Świnoujście.

Live reports will be broadcast and published on the websites: