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Remember that when choosing the right photovoltaic panels, you should take into account a number of important factors that will ensure the correct operation of the micro-installation. The number of PV panels in the installation should be large enough, as well as their power, to generate enough energy. It is important to arrange them to the south, tilt to the sun or the level of shade, for example by trees or buildings. Suitable components, such as an inverter, should also be selected for solar panels.

Therefore, when deciding on a photovoltaic installation - discuss this issue with a specialist!

Sol Voltage offers comprehensive photovoltaic services for both home and business.

Our cooperation begins with the first contact with the client and does not end with the receipt of the installation! With us, you get a guarantee of care and assistance in every situation, and you will have all the formalities related to connecting and obtaining funding done!


How are we doing?


Assistance with subsidies

Clean energy is at a premium today, and those who use it enjoy tax breaks and numerous subsidies. Regardless of whether you are a private person, farmer or representing a company, we will help you obtain funding from the "Clean Air", "My Electricity" programs or other projects related to photovoltaics.


Connecting the installation

After completing the installation, we will take care of all formalities related to connecting the installation to the power grid - you don't have to worry about anything! We will submit an application for a bidirectional meter, and when it is ready, we will take care of all the formalities related to subsidies.


Professional implementation

After completing the formalities, a professional and experienced assembly team will start work. We will deliver the necessary elements of the PV installation to the indicated place in a short time and complete the assembly on time, guaranteeing the highest quality of workmanship.


Tailored offer

Our engineers will prepare an offer and design for you along with professional visualization, as well as estimate the annual value of solar energy produced. In an accessible way, we will present you the benefits that Sol Voltage photovoltaics will generate for you.


Free technical audit

Contact us and arrange a consultation. Our consultant will meet you to calculate the demand for electricity and to observe whether the photovoltaic installation can be installed without losses caused by shading solar panels.


Training and care

You won't be alone after all. At the end of each assembly, we provide training in the operation of the installation. If something bothers you - no problem - our installations have a manufacturer's warranty, and we offer technical support and PV servicing.

Selected projects



Photovoltaic inverters

At your request, we will create an individual project based on the materials of other leading brands with whom we work. If you have such a need, we will compose an offer for a PV installation with your participation.

What determines the price of a photovoltaic installation?

As with everything, a number of factors influence the cost of a PV system.

First, the specialist must calculate the energy requirements of the property. To do this, calculate the annual electricity consumption, with particular emphasis on the months with higher consumption. This procedure allows you to determine the size of the photovoltaic installation and its power.

The second issue is the location of the installation. A different mounting system will be used for the installation of photovoltaics on the roof, and another - on the ground. It also differs with a sloping and flat roof, the type of covering (tile, shingle, sheet), etc.

Another factor is the technical parameters of the components - panels, inverter, cabling or security. Of course, the market offers materials made of various materials, with different durability and quality. It is up to the prosumer to have the last word, but it should be remembered that it is not always worth saving.