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Remember that when choosing the right photovoltaic panels, you should take into account a number of important factors that will ensure the correct operation of the micro-installation. The number of PV panels in the installation should be large enough, as well as their power, to generate enough energy. It is important to arrange them to the south, tilt to the sun or the level of shade, for example by trees or buildings. Suitable components, such as an inverter, should also be selected for solar panels.

Therefore, when deciding on a photovoltaic installation - discuss this issue with a specialist!

Sol Voltage photovoltaics

Sol Voltage photovoltaic installations is first and foremost a customer whose welfare is in the first place since the beginning of our adventure together. We know that we have a common goal: we want to take care of clean air, drawing green energy by means of photovoltaic installations, and at the same time saving money ecologically. In our company we focus on high quality service. Cooperating with us you will receive professional and comprehensive advice, care and qualified and experienced fitters. Sol Voltage specialists are able to design and build any PV installation, so we are not afraid to take on even the toughest challenges.

We work with reputable, respected brands in the photovoltaic industry, so you will have a guarantee of quality and 100% satisfaction. We install photovoltaic cells throughout Poland, helping customers to arrange all related formalities, as well as obtaining funding for photovoltaics for individuals, farmers and companies. With us, you'll be able to rest easy and enjoy the benefits of photovoltaic cells for years to come!

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How do the solar systems work?

Solar systems are complex solutions placed oth the roof of a building or a soil construction which is turning sun energy into electic energy. How does it look in detail? It's easy!

After sunset, the installation goes into standby mode, and the energy is taken from the grid, while the energy company balances the electricity consumed and any costs generated - if any exists.
All the surplus of the energy prouced by the system i being stored in the electrical network.
Solar cells start production of eletric energy at early morning with first sunbeams. The energy is then being used by the building and its inamtes. Most of the amount is being produced in midday when the sun is up high on the horizon.
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Photowoltaic farm – what is it?

The popularity of photovoltaics solutions in Poland is vastly growing. According to forecasts, our country will be at the forefront of the European Union with the fastest increase in new photovoltaic installations. The sun's energy is used today not only by prosumers who use it for their own needs, but also by companies who build photovoltaic farms. The idea behind photovoltaic farms is the fact that energy - unlike micro-installations - is entirely transferred to the electrical power grid, and from there distributed to recipients. Any producer who has a suitable area for this purpose can decide to build a solar farm: flat, well insolated, with ground class IV or lower, with appropriate permits. Installations of this type are usually placed on the ground and have a power of several dozen kW event to several MW and their installation is much faster than other energy networks. A solar farm is a larger investment than a micro-installation, but with attractive funding it is possible that it will earn for itself and start generating profits within 10-11 years. It's good for the environment!