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Remember that when choosing the right photovoltaic panels, you should take into account a number of important factors that will ensure the correct operation of the micro-installation. The number of PV panels in the installation should be large enough, as well as their power, to generate enough energy. It is important to arrange them to the south, tilt to the sun or the level of shade, for example by trees or buildings. Suitable components, such as an inverter, should also be selected for solar panels.

Therefore, when deciding on a photovoltaic installation - discuss this issue with a specialist!

Sol Voltage offers

Sol Voltage offers comprehensive photovoltaic services for both home and business

Our cooperation begins with the first contact with the client and does not end with the receipt of the installation! With us, you get a guarantee of care and assistance in every situation, and you will have all the formalities related to connecting and obtaining financing in your head!

Build an installation with us

Build your first solar system with us.

Do not worry - we will help you with the paperwork!

Employees at SolVoltage

Sol Voltage employees are experts in the fotovoltaics.

From the early beginning of our cooperation you will be very satisfied. We start from consulting and advisory then designing and installation up to the after sale services. With help of our technology solutions your house, company of farm can decrease the electrical energy expenditures helping the natural envornoment.

We support talents of Polish sport

Sol Voltage supports sailing talents

Our company has become a title sponsor of the Gdańsk club AZS AWFiS - one of the best teams of the Polish Sailing League. We fight for the title of Polish Club Champion!

Solvoltage - photovoltaic installations

Gain up to 5 tousand PLN for your instalation!

Build with us youf photovoltaic instalation from 2 to 10 kW and gain up to 50% expenditure return of your investment. We will help you with all the formalities!
Solvoltage - photovoltaic installations

Photovoltaics - why is it worth it?

4. Prestige

Become a part of rapidly growing group of people tho care about the environment.
If you invest in the environment protection you will gain new customers and satisfaction.


3. Subsidies

Investment in solar panels is a long-term project, you can gain tax refunds and other subsidies.


2. Savings

Building an installation saves the electrical energy expenditures up to 90%. This means that you investment in solar panels can return in only 7-8 years.


1. Environmental protection

Build a photovoltaic installation with us from 2 to 10 kW and get up to 50% return on investment. Don't worry - we'll help you with all formalities!